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Bitcoin Payment via Coingate

Step 1

Copy the bitcoin ADDRESS and bitcoin AMOUNT from the CoinPills invoice.

Step 2

Visit, or click the “VISIT COINGATE” button above. Paste the bitcoin AMOUNT and bitcoin ADDRESS from step 1 into the fields provided and click “GO TO CHECKOUT”.

Step 3

Enter your card details and billing address.

Step 4

Enter your email, date of birth and phone number and click “PAY NOW”.

IMPORTANT: please make sure your phone number is correct as it will be needed for step 5.

Step 5

Enter the 4 digit code send to you by text message and click “VERIFY”.

Step 6

Verify your email address by clicking the link sent to your inbox from

Step 7

Once your email and phone have been verified, click “CONTINUE”.

Step 8

Upload your Identification document by clicking “CHOOSE FRONT SIDE IMAGE”.

Step 9

Enter your ID documents details and home address, then click “UPLOAD DOCUMENT”.

Step 10

(Depending on your card type the following screen may ask for VISA or MASTERCARD’s extra security steps.)

Your payment is now being authorized, please wait.

Step 11

Your payment is now compete and once processed, you will receive a confirmation email and we will ship your order.

Step 12

Please check your inbox. You will receive an email from Simplex indicating that your payment is being processed.

Step 13

Once Simplex have verified your documents and processed your payment, your card will be charged and everything is done.

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