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Dealting Sleep Issues in Teenagers

Dealing sleep issues in teenagers

Jemma felt sleepy during the lecture and she only woke up when the voice of her teacher startled her. Her teacher took her to the principal’s office to complain about her sleepiness. These days she had a hard time staying awake during classes and thus, this time her complaint landed her up in the principal’s office. She felt embarrassed with this. Her mother visited the school and clinic on that very same day and Jemma was glad to finally get relief from her excessive sleepiness when she was diagnosed with narcolepsy.

She was advised to take Provigil to reduce the excessive daytime sleepiness in her. Soon she could find herself more focused, concentrated and totally energetic during her classes. She was no more feeling sleepy during the class. Generic Provigil pill reduced her symptoms like excessive sleepiness, tiredness and improved her cognitive skills.

Sleep disorders can occur in any age group – to infants, children, teenagers and the adults. Any teen requires minimum 8-9 hours of sleep every day. Most of the teenagers need to wake up early in the morning to attend their classes. Other curriculum activities such as swimming, football or music practice may require extra practice. For practice, they require more energy and attention.

Teens are likely to enjoy their life during their best years of high school. They like to hang out with friends, attend late night parties, and discover new places and going for night outs. Thus, such activities can leave them less time to sleep and waking up in the morning becomes a headache for them.

The problem arises when they cannot cope up with sleep issues. Either they find difficult to stay awake in the classes or falling asleep in the night. Most of the teenagers engage in watching popular TV shows late in the night or playing video games for many hours. Even school assignment can keep them busy for hours.

When they can’t get enough sleep on a daily basis that affects on their academics. They experience mood swings and become easily irritable. They can even experience depression.

Sleep deprivation causes poor learning and concentration skills. It affects complexion, health, and weight. It spoils eating habits as well. Thus, many teens also gain their weight rapidly. Sleep loss increases the risk of physical injuries and automobile accidents.

Hence, it’s very important to deal with sleeping issues when they occur in teenagers.

Many teenagers are struggling to do well in academics and when they are caught with sleeping disorders such as insomnia, narcolepsy and sleep apnea, it makes the struggle more difficult. If they ignore such issues, they will have to suffer from severe consequences on a long term.

Once your teen daughter or son is diagnosed with sleeping issues taking medications such as Provigil regularly and setting up a sleep schedule for them can rescue from these troubles. Instill good sleeping habits in them to avoid sleeping issues. Eating healthy food, regular exercise and having active lifestyle can help teenagers to climb the ladder of success.

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